An Introduction to Ancient Iranian Religion. Readings from the Avesta and the Achaemenid Inscriptions, translated and edited by William W. Malandra, Minnesota Publications in the Humanities, Volume Two, University of Minnesota Press, 19831 2 3

Mithra (Mihr) Yasht (Yasht 10), Chapter VIII, Verse 33, p. 62:

O strong (Mithra), by an agreement of given promises give us this boon which we ask of you: wealth, strength and victoriousness, well-being and possession of Truth, good reputation and peace of soul, intelligence, increment and knowledge, and Ahura-created Victoriousness, and Best Truth’s conquering superiority, and the ability to interpret the Spənta Māthra,

The Avestan Hymn to Mithra, with an Introduction, Translation, and Commentary by Ilya Gershevitch, University of Cambridge Oriental Publications, Number 4, Cambridge University Press, 1959

Section 8, Verse 33, p. 89:

Give us the following boon(s) for which we ask you, O strong one, by virtue of the stipulation of the given promises (lit. words): riches, strength, and victoriousness, comfortable existence and ownership of Truth, good reputation and peace of soul, learning, increment, and knowledge, Ahura-created victoriousness, the conquering superiority of (=deriving from) Truth which is what is best, and the interpretation of the incremental divine word,

Karde 8, Paragraph 33:4 5

a dazdi. ahmākəm. tat̰. āiiaptəm.
b yasə. ϑβā. yāsāmahi.1 sūra.
c uruuaiti.2 dātanąm. srauuaŋhąm.
d īštīm. aməm. vərəϑraγnəmca.3
e hauuaŋhum. aṣ̌auuastəmca.
f haosrauuaŋhəm. hurunīmca.
g mastīm. spānō. vaēiδīmca.4
h vərəϑraγnəmca. ahuraδātəm.
i vanaiṇtīmca. uparatātəm.
j yąm. aṣ̌ahe. vahištahe.
k paiti.parštīmca.5 mąϑrahe. spəṇtahe.